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Preparation is Key.

1 May 2019

With 2019’s planting season underway, the thought of harvest may seem a long way off. Yet, as with most things in life: preparation is key.…

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What to do with Your New Vines & Your Method of Planting.

1 April 2019

Receiving your vines is possibly the most exciting moment for a new vineyard. A moment filled with excitement, anticipation and satisfaction. However, there are many…

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Time to Start Thinking About Scouting.

1 March 2019

“Knowledge is power” is the idiom, but knowledge is now about data. Data gathering in the vineyard is the most effective way to give a…

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Dealing with Pruning Wounds.

1 February 2019

As most vineyards are well under way with their winter pruning, I thought it would be prudent to discuss the options of pruning paints. By…

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Pruning Techniques to Help Mitigate Frost Damage.

1 January 2019

Spring frosts have clearly been an issue for many UK grape growers over the yearswith some losing a devastatingly large amount of fruit in 2016…

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The Importance of Yield Estimations.

1 December 2018

This year saw a bumper crop for the UK wine industry and, while figures are yet to be published, it would not be amiss to…

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Thoughts from Seasonal Vineyard Staff – the Backbone of UK Viticulture.

1 November 2018

The growth of UK viticulture has been rapid in the past decade. But a large percentage of the new producers don’t come from a traditional…

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Brokering Fruit – It’s All About Tank Space!

1 October 2018

We are a company that establishes vineyards and offers vineyard management services, and while it was never our intention to get into the fruit brokering…

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Get Your Bunches in a Row.

1 September 2018

Harvest 2018 is fast approaching with a bountiful crop promised across the board. The summer has been kind, to say the least. Canopies are lush,…

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