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Where to buy a vineyard in the UK

22 September 2020

Vine-Works Ltd are proud to have been mentioned in The Times Sunday newspaper on Sunday 20th September. When establishing a vineyard from scratch, James Dodson,…

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Working with the GLAA at Harvest 2020.

1 September 2020

This year’s harvest looks to be an even more challenging affair than normal with the added complications of COVID-19 and the risks to workers. For…

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Trellis Installation takes a Step into the Future!

1 August 2020

2020 saw another year of substantial plantings in the UK. It is estimated that approximately 1.5-1.8 million vines went in the ground this May which…

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Now is the Time to Calculate your Yield Estimates.

1 July 2020

Understanding your yield estimates is the first step to planning your harvest. The sooner you can have an idea of numbers, the better! The first…

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Working with Gripple.

1 June 2020

To many people, the name Gripple will be a familiar one, synonymous with quality, innovation and durability. Vine-Works Ltd are proud to have worked with…

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Services Continue for the Season Ahead.

1 May 2020

We are all suffering during these unprecedented times either on a personal and/or business level and our best wishes go out to the invaluable NHS…

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Interview with Pierre Denis.

1 April 2020

At Vine-Works we choose our suppliers with extreme caution, ensuring the products are of the highest quality and the company matches our own values and…

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Is Your Trellis Ready for Machinery this Season?

1 March 2020

Over the course of a vineyard’s life, it is inevitable that labour costs will increaseas the vineyard requires ongoing attention and more management. Finding ways…

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Pruning Season Progresses.

1 February 2020

It’s been a tough pruning season so far with the wet weather, but the recent cold snap has allowed most growers to now get underway.…

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