News and views from the industry.

Don’t Dig Yourself into a Hole.

1 July 2018

During May you might have planted new vines for future production, whether expanding an existing vineyard or starting from scratch. Now that the busy time…

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Best Practices for a Happy Workplace.

1 June 2018

July 2017 saw the publication of ‘Good work: the Taylor Review of Modern WorkingPractices’, (the Taylor Review) a report commissioned by the prime minister which…

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Hard Labour for Great Wine.

1 May 2018

The Most Important People in the Wine Industry? Many would say it’s the winemakers who craft the vintages who are the most valuable people in…

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Protecting Your Young Vines.

1 April 2018

In all probability, when you planted your vineyard you used some type of shelter to give your young vines a good start in life, and…

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Let a Cover Crop Do the Groundwork.

1 March 2018

As spring approaches and your vines are happily resting, we turn our thoughts to the year ahead and how best to improve on the season…

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Understanding Your Galvanised Metal Vineyard Post.

1 February 2018

With the increase in new plantings, the UK has seen a number of UK-based and European metal post suppliers enter the market. It’s safe to…

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The Pruning Season is Upon Us.

1 January 2018

The pruning season is upon us and, after harvest, this is the second busiest and most costly intervention in the vineyard. In most UK vineyards…

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