Vine-Works Ltd are proud to have been mentioned in
The Times Sunday newspaper on Sunday 20th September.

When establishing a vineyard from scratch, James Dodson, director of Vine-Works, a vineyard consultancy, advises looking for well-draining, south-facing slopes up to 100m above sea level. “You can establish vineyards up to 200m, but ripeness can be challenging unless the site is very well sheltered,” he says.

If you’re producing wine for your own consumption, the size of a vineyard doesn’t matter: a single vine can produce up to three bottles from a good harvest, according to Nick Watson, senior director of land management at Strutt & Parker estate agency. “For those hoping to establish a profitable business, the minimum size you need is five acres, increasing to seven if you aim to sell to the wholesale market.” He adds that most vineyard land is purchased privately, often selling for more than £15,000 an acre.

There are many factors that affect costs, but Dodson says vineyards generally cost about £12,000-£13,000 an acre to establish. Those who are producing and bottling their own wine — rather than sending grapes to a contract winemaker — will need to invest significantly more.

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