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Foliage Clips – Securing Your Canopy

1 August 2022

In the UK, the majority of growers train their vines using the vertical shoot positioning, (VSP) system with most trellis systems having two or three…

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Harvest Preparations

1 October 2021

Whether you’re harvesting solely by hand, by machine or a combination of the two, there are numerous considerations and preparations to be made in advance…

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The Importance of a Sound Trellising System

1 June 2021

The importance of the vineyard trellising system is often overlooked. Instead, flashy new pieces of machinery regularly take the limelight. However, to manage your vineyard…

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Vine Importing in post-Brexit Britain

1 April 2021

Although we have left the European Union, our dependency on some of its services, products and people have not diminished. With another big planting season…

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Felco: Behind the Secateurs

1 December 2020

As the unconventional year of 2020 draws to a close, the upcoming pruning season can appear a daunting task. However, with the best tools to…

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Working with Gripple.

1 June 2020

To many people, the name Gripple will be a familiar one, synonymous with quality, innovation and durability. Vine-Works Ltd are proud to have worked with…

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Services Continue for the Season Ahead.

1 May 2020

We are all suffering during these unprecedented times either on a personal and/or business level and our best wishes go out to the invaluable NHS…

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Interview with Pierre Denis.

1 April 2020

At Vine-Works we choose our suppliers with extreme caution, ensuring the products are of the highest quality and the company matches our own values and…

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