Every job we do begins with a consultation. That’s so we can learn what you want to achieve and put together a plan that will help you accomplish it within your budget. Each client, whether they’re establishing a vineyard, looking for help with vineyard management or simply seeking the best materials on the market, gets the same level of quality, professional and highly-skilled service.

Establishing your vineyard

The first step to establishing your vineyard is a cuppa. We’ll sit down with you in a relaxed and accessible environment to talk about your needs and the options that will suit them best. Once we know what you want to do, we’ll study your site, learning the soil composition, location and prevailing climate. We’ll then be able to advise you on the plants, layout and equipment you need. From there on in, we manage the whole adventure on your behalf: sourcing the vines, planting, erecting trellis and finding all the associated equipment you need. Once you’re up and running, we can also help with ongoing consultation, management, contracting services and/or supplies.

Managing your vineyard

Size, as we’re often told, doesn’t matter. Whether your vineyard is large or small, we can supply ongoing or ad hoc management services designed to protect vine health — and your bottom line. After an initial site meeting to establish where you are, we’ll develop a strategy to get you to where you want to be. We’re not only expert in the technical aspects of growing, we’re also expert in helping your business succeed. Management services can also include machine operation, City & Guilds certified spray operations and cover every aspect of the growing and harvesting process.

Supplying your vineyard

Whether or not we’ve established or manage your vineyard, we can source the right materials for the job. If you’re new to the business, we’ll advise on what you need for successful vineyard establishment and growth. If you know what you need, check out our products page where you’ll find a large in-house stock of materials like posts, wire, anchors, vine shelters and stakes. If we don’t have what you’re looking for in stock, we can source it from a wide variety of suppliers worldwide. Our long-standing relationships with those suppliers mean we can secure excellent bulk prices when we have to.