2.5mm Fruiting Wire


25kg roll – approximately 650m

Please get in touch for requirements higher than 8 rolls as there may be more cost-effective delivery methods.

Quantity Price
6 - 10 11 - 15 16
£56.35 £54.97 £54.31
2.5mm Fruiting Wire£59.33


Our wire is specifically manufactured for the viticulture sector, being galvanised with Alu-Zinc to provide up to 8x more resistance against corrosion. It is designed to be easily manipulated without cracking the Alu-Zinc coating. With up to 6% elongation, our trellising wire has at least a 40% higher breaking load than other wire with the same diameter.

Fruiting Wire secures to the end posts with Gripple mediums to allow easy tensioning. The tension should be taut, but not to the point of creating stress on the posts or risking snapping if accidentally clipped by machinery. The fruiting wire provides integral support for the whole trellising system.

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Weight 25 kg