60cm Tubex Vine Wraps


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Vine tubes are vital for protecting young vines against animal browsing, herbicide spraying and mechanical operations. Our Tubex 60cm Vine Wraps are a twin-walled shelter which provide strength and durability whilst their vertical opening creates an overlap, securely enclosing the vine. The establishment of young vines is greatly increased by the use of vine tubes – survival rates are higher, growth rate is accelerated and labour costs are reduced.

The Tubex brand began in the 1970s as a specialist in plastic extruding. They are now a subsidiary of Fiberweb Geosynthetics Ltd with manufacturing occurring in South Wales. As with all companies processing and transporting polymers, Tubex are aware of the impact of their carbon footprint. However, their vine tubes have “nurtured and protected more than ½ billion trees and vines across the world – absorbing and storing considerably more carbon [than the manufacturing process produces].”