VineWorks has been establishing vineyards in the UK for over 17 years. Our experience and attention to detail has enabled us to become leaders in the field of vineyard establishment.

VineWorks will design and build your vineyard, sourcing everything you need from the plants to the trellis materials and provide the expert teams to conduct the installation. We can guide you through the necessary preparations required prior to planting, including liaising with an agronomist who will analyse your soil results and recommend any nutrient adjustments. We will calculate your desired planting density and trellising system based on your end objectives. We project manage everything and communicate with you regularly, so you’ll always know what’s going on.

Machine Planting

We have our own UK-based GPS planting machine and team, we also work closely with experienced planting partners from Germany. Their knowledge of planting across Europe and fleet of planting machines means that the risk of stoppage from breakdowns and delays is significantly reduced.

Vine Sales

VineWorks has built long-standing relationships with vine nurseries in Europe and our team works tirelessly to source the exact grape varieties, (clones and rootstocks) you wish to plant.

VineWorks has been pioneering German Hybrid grape varieties, also known as PIWI’s, through extensive plantings in the UK and funding research projects into their performance internationally.

We are one of the UK’s first certified vine importers, ensuring our vines are registered and receive approved plant passports.


As the premier installer of trellising, we own and operate all our own trellis installation equipment and are experts in installing all types of trellis systems in any configuration necessary working in all ground conditions.

The materials VineWorks use are trusted throughout the English wine industry and can stand up to the challenging weather that is experienced here. We source all our materials from key suppliers, many based here in the UK that we know and trust.