Our Viticultural Services department provides world-class viticultural consultancy packages and vineyard operations. Together we have decades of combined experience, working with some of the most prestigious producers in the UK and in many of the world’s most famous wine-growing regions. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best consultancy and operational advice, supported by our highly skilled workforce and quality products sourced from all over the world. We work closely with our customers to add value wherever we work. Every operation we conduct is focused on maximising yield in an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable manner.

VineWorks has divided its offering into several distinct packages tailored to the varied needs of our clients. We are able to cater for the hands-off owner who requires total vineyard support (Management PRO) through to owner/operators for whom a few visits per season is all that is necessary to keep their vineyard on the right track.

Consultancy Packages

Management PRO – The package where we take responsibility for the running of all vineyard operations. This is aimed at the clients looking for full vineyard support.

Viti SCOUT – An in-depth package where we provide regular advice and guidance based on observations made at several visits across the season. This package is designed for the experienced farmer or vineyard owner who already has much of the resources required but limited technical viticultural knowledge or time. With this package, our clients are able to leave the complete monitoring and analysis of the vineyard to VineWorks.

Viti COACHING – This is a tailored package for clients requiring a small number fo visits per season at key stages to provide advice and guidance on all aspects of the vineyard. The ultimate aim is to provide the client with the knowledge and confidence to run their vineyard independently within a few years.

Advice and guidance from the Viti COACHING package can also be combined into a digital offering whereby support can be given remotely via video calling, photo sharing, etc.

Viti FOUNDATION – For customers planting with us for the first time, we offer a package designed to help new owners hit the ground running in their first season. With this package, VineWorks assists the client in setting up all the necessary vineyard infrastructure, as well as undertaking technical scouting visits and scheduling vineyard operations.

Benefits – In addition to the bespoke support of each package, all our viticultural services members have access to informative Vine Works hosted events designed to upskill the industry, as well as regular newsletters with industry updates.

The above is not an exhaustive list of our services and we aim to build tailored packages for each of our clients. If you feel there is anything extra you require (or elements you don’t), please do let us know.

Viticultural staff

Whilst priority is given to customers whom subscribe to our support packages, we do offer the supply of viticultural staff for all labour tasks throughout the season, from pruning to harvest