vineyard consultancy

_89A5044 (1)Before we start on any project we offer full vineyard consultancy, covering site appraisal, project management, our planting services, trellis installation and ongoing vineyard management.

Whether you’re a new grower or an established vineyard, this process helps us to understand what you want to achieve and to come up with a plan to help you achieve it.

New Vineyards

The initial on-site consultation and land inspection are instrumental when beginning a new vineyard development project. It’s an opportunity for us to discuss your vision and to develop costings for the project, which will help you set a budget. The initial discussion also enables us to start the site appraisal process while reviewing the following pre-development procedures:

  • Soil samples: These are taken at several different locations throughout the site to determine soil profiles which are then sent to the lab for detailed analysis. This analysis will help determine rootstock, clone and varietal selections best suited for the site and wine styles required.
  • Pre-planting: We will make recommendations on ground preparation, drainage requirements and soil additions for optimum nutrition.
  • Climate Analysis: Our reports source historical weather data from Climate Wine Consulting, utilising the most up-to-date climatic models in addition to data from the closest observational station, providing accurate indicators of local conditions.
  • Trellis types: Based on the soil sampling results, the trellis types, vine spacing, and row direction will then be determined. As the UK’s specialist trellis installation company, and the exclusive UK agent for EWS Vine Posts, we can supply and install to your requirements.
  • Vineyard design: We provide a bespoke vineyard design (Trimble GPS-generated points incorporated into Google Maps, and designed using Pear Technology) and specification for vines and trellising materials. We also provide comprehensive vineyard planning including block layout based on slope, aspect, and soil properties.
  • Complete project management: Management services to ensure proper installation for a world-class vineyard. We have extensive contacts in the industry to identify the right machinery for your site and budget.

Established Vineyards

Vineyards have different needs as they move towards maturity. Every working vineyards needs effective management to ensure that viticultural performance is optimised and fruit quality can be delivered to specifications. Our expert assessment and analysis helps to ensure that established vineyards continue to flourish even as they get older.

From the initial consultation, we can develop a plan for year-round oversight of operations, encompassing a highly-trained and skilled labour force under expert supervision, as well as coordination of products, vendors and services for optimum grape production. We can also provide a trouble-shooting service to ensure ongoing vine maintenance, plant nutrition and pest management.