We are GLAA licenced labour providers and our organisation is committed providing contract services by recruiting responsibly and ethically, creating awareness of modern slavery within our business, having set out the correct steps and training to ensure there is no place for modern slavery within our supply chain. Please find details of our licence here http://www.gla.gov.uk/our-impact/who-has-a-glaa-licence/ .  We are also members of Stronger Together http://stronger2gether.org/ and the ALP labourproviders.org.uk/

All our vineyard workers are highly skilled and experienced, working exclusively in vineyards all year round and many of our supervisors are viticulturalist graduates. Our teams are productive, knowledgeable and dedicated, ideally placed to help your plans comes to fruition. The main focus of our workforce is to help premium growers and consultants to implement their plans throughout the growing season, so they’re expert in:

  • Canopy management
  • Vineyard establishment
  • Trellis maintenance and construction
  • Planting
  • Pruning and training
  • Spraying (fully qualified operators)
  • Harvesting
  • Weed control

Where we supply vineyard labour on a contracted basis, we will also provide free ongoing consultancy. This includes training and professional development.