Vine-Works Ltd has been establishing, managing, maintaining and supporting vineyards across the UK for over a decade. We work with single growers, small businesses, farmers, landowners and some of the country’s largest wine producers, providing a complete range of bespoke vineyard services from concept to harvest.

Here to provide all the help you need

Whether you’re planning your first vineyard or building an existing business, we’re here to give you all the services and support you need. First, we find out what you want to achieve. Then we create a plan to help you achieve it. Whatever your goal, our professionalism, skill, knowledge and dedication will get you there.

We're focused on your success

We have a passion for great English wine and a fascination for the processes that make it happen, but we also understand that your vineyard is a business. We know it represents a significant investment, often long-term. So everything we do is designed to help that investment succeed. We’re in it for the long haul, working with you as part of your team, to make sure your business — as well as your vineyard — continues to develop and grow.