VineWorks has been establishing vineyards in the UK for over 15 years. We have established over 300 vineyards, planted over 4.5 million vines and installed over one million posts. Our experience and attention to detail has enabled us to become leaders in the field of vineyard establishment.

Whether your land is situated on chalk, clay, sandstone, gravel, loam or silt, we can recommend the production techniques and materials that are most suitable. Our teams have experience working across the UK, establishing vineyards on the south coast - Hampshire, Sussex, Kent, Devon - and beyond – Yorkshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Scotland, and Wales.


If this is a new endeavour for you, we’re here to make it work. The first step is to submit an outline of the land you think is suitable for viticulture –to do this please get in touch with us. Once we have completed some preliminary work in the office, we will conduct a visual site assessment with you.

If everything looks positive, the next step is for us to undertake a detailed site evaluation, determining soil type, aspect, climatic conditions and so on. From this a viticultural suitability report is generated, giving you all the information you require to make the best decisions for your venture, whether you wish to specialise in still or sparkling wine, produce the wine yourself or become a contract grower. The survey allows us to recommend the varietals to grow and ripen successfully in your field. We will guide you every step of the way – no question is too simple or silly to ask.


VineWorks can design and build your vineyard, sourcing everything you need from the plants to the people who will put it all together. We will guide you through the necessary preparations required prior to planting, including liaising with an agronomist who will analyse your soil results and recommend any nutrient adjustments. We will calculate your desired planting density and trellising system based on your end objectives. We project manage everything and communicate with you regularly, so you’ll always know what’s going on.


We will plant your vineyard using our own Global Positioning System (GPS) guided planting machines. GPS planting allows us to precisely plant the field to an agreed specification and vine density ensuring uniform rows and the maximum area utilised.

In addition to having our own UK-based planting machine and team, we also work closely with experienced planting partners from Germany. Their knowledge of planting across Europe and fleet of planting machines means that the risk of stoppage from breakdowns and delays is significantly reduced.


VineWorks is one of the UK's first certified vine importers, ensuring our vines are registered and receive approved plant passports.

We have built long-standing relationships with vine nurseries in Europe and our team works tirelessly to source the exact grape varieties - clones and rootstocks - you wish to plant including Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, Bacchus, Pinot Gris, and Pinot Blanc and others.  We obtain the perfect grape vines for your individual needs.


As the UK’s premier installer of vineyard trellising, we operate all of our own installation equipment with our dedicated trellising teams, some of whom have been with us for nearly a decade.

We are experts in installing all types of trellis systems, in any configuration necessary, working in all ground conditions.

The materials we use are trusted throughout the English wine industry, and can stand up to the challenging British weather. We source all of our materials from established suppliers, many based here in the UK, that we know and trust.

Our partners

Hadley Group

The primary supplier of our posts which are manufactured in the Midlands. They are a world leader in advanced, cold-rolled steel technology with manufacturing facilities in Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, and employ over 800 people worldwide.


Supplies several elements of our trellising system including ground anchors and tie backs.  Based in Sheffield, they were established in 1989 after developing the innovative Gripple fastener as a solution to the farming industry’s fencing problems. All Gripple products are galvanised - maximising strength and functionality - whilst providing extra resistance against corrosion.


Supplies the wire for all of our vineyard trellis constructions. The unique Bezinal© coating means it is more durable than the traditional zinc solutions, is suitable for our changing climatic demands, and can withstand the rigours of machine harvesting.


Our primary supplier of vine guards, manufactured in Wales. They invented the original tree shelter in 1985 and have continued to be a trailblazer in the forestry/viticulture/landscaping industries for innovative plant protection. 

One vine at a time


We work with all types of clients, from large-scale and small-scale wine producers, to first time vineyard owners, and farmers looking to diversify their crop. We tailor our support to suit your needs. Contact us for an initial chat.