To many people, the name Gripple will be a familiar one, synonymous with quality, innovation and durability. VineWorks are proud to have worked with Gripple for over 10 years, installing their products in hundreds of vineyards all over the country.

In 1984, wire salesman Hugh Facey started production in Sheffield, manufacturing field fencing, barbed wire and fencing staples. In 1985, he came up with the idea for the iconic Gripple fastener after discussing the woes of fencing with a frustrated farmer. After many stages of development and tweaking the design, the first Gripple wire joiner was manufactured in 1988 and a year later Gripple Ltd was registered as a separate company.

Fast-forward to 2006 and the development of the new flagship range of Gripple Plus. A new sleek, ergonomic shape increased working loads and featured positional adjustment both forwards and backwards prior to tension being applied. A key highlight in Gripple Ltd’s history was in 2013 when the company achieved 100% Employee Ownership.

“The Gripple product range is innovatively designed and highly engineered with simplicity in mind. By delivering a significantly simpler system compared to traditional methods, and eradicating the need to tie and knot wires, [they can] vastly reduce labour and installation times.”


The Gripple Plus range combines a zinc housing with a sintered ceramic roller, giving maximum corrosion resistance while maintain strength and functionality. The patented push-fit system “utilises ceramic rollers to actively grip the wire while under tension, while still allowing for additional tension to be applied at any time.” This provides a strong, fast and economical way to install and maintain a solid trellis structure. By using the Gripple Tensioning Tool, (which is cleverly designed to work equally effectively for left- and right-handed users) with the Gripple Mediums, you avoid the need to tie, bend or knot your vineyard wires. This optimizes the durability and longevity of your wire and ensures the integral strength is never compromised. With a high load capacity, Gripple Mediums are adjustable and can be re-tensioned year after year.


All sizes of Gripple anchors are resistant to corrosion and form a secure fixing point below the ground from which to attach your trellising system. They are easy to install in a wide variety of soils, saving time and labour. No pre-digging is required and the use of a Gripple Drive Rod for installation ensures minimal ground disturbance and prevents any damage to the anchor. Typically soils with a high sand, silt or alluvial content are best suited to an Anchor 3, whilst heavier clay soils will require the larger Anchor 4. However, you should always discuss this with your vineyard consultant.


Attaching your anchor to your end post is made quick and easy using Gripple GPAK tiebacks. The wire rope has a high-grade galvanised coating for maximum corrosion resistance. Gripple’s latest innovation is the addition of an universal wire protector included in all GPAK packs. This protects the wires going through galvanised posts, “rotating to the natural angle of the wire and sharing the wire load over the entire hole area, eliminating ‘pinch’ points. Because the part is diecast from zinc, as opposed to steel, it will never rust or corrode. This innovation ensures that the post bracing kit will never be damaged by wire movement caused by wind or machinery.”

VineWorks have tried and tested Gripple’s trellising products for the past 10+ years and can attest to their exceptional quality and longevity. We are proud to be the UK distributor for Gripple’s vineyard range – no vineyard should be without strong support from Gripple products!


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