Articles for Vineyard Management

Frost Protection

1 October 2022

The good news is, unless you live in Canada with sustained winter temperatures of -20ºC, the vines will not die. The bad news: spring frosts…

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Foliage Clips – Securing Your Canopy

1 August 2022

In the UK, the majority of growers train their vines using the vertical shoot positioning, (VSP) system with most trellis systems having two or three…

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Managing Acidity in Wine Begins in the Vineyard

1 July 2022

Why Should Acidity be Managed? Acidity provides a freshness and sharpness to the flavours in a wine. It is also essential for creating the wine’s…

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Summer Jobs to Keep Your Vineyard Tidy

1 June 2022

Keeping your vineyard tidy, uniform and in the best condition ensure you afford your vines the most opportunities for growth and success. As we enter…

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In Review

1 May 2022

Your (pruning) will be carried out to the following specification. It is well-documented that all vineyard tasks must be carried out in a timely manner…

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The Influence of Vineyard Soils

1 April 2022

The influence of vineyard soils on wine quality has long been recognised by both winemakers and vine growers. This impact is largely as result of…

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Gold-plated Tying Down

1 March 2022

Tying down is an essential task that takes place heading into Spring. As most vines are pruned to a “Guyot or cane system” there are…

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Harvest Preparations

1 October 2021

Whether you’re harvesting solely by hand, by machine or a combination of the two, there are numerous considerations and preparations to be made in advance…

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Is Your Vineyard Visitor Friendly?

1 September 2021

Before your first vines are planted, there are myriads of items already on your checklist from site analysis, cultivar selection, frost/wind protection to soil preparation,…

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