• Guards, Tubex EasyWrap 50cm
  • Guards, Tubex EasyWrap 50cm

Guards, Tubex EasyWrap 50cm

Box of 40

16cm band ties sold separately.

50cm height
80 - 95mm diameter

Other guard heights are available on request - please get in touch.

Vine guards are vital for protecting young vines against animal browsing, herbicide spraying and mechanical operations. The establishment of young vines is greatly increased by the use of vine guards - survival rates are higher, growth rate is accelerated and labour costs are reduced.

Manufactured in South Wales, Tubex VineWraps are a twin-walled shelter which provide strength and durability whilst their vertical opening allows easy access for vineyard tasks and creates an overlap, securely enclosing the vine. 

At Tubex, we are always advancing to improve the sustainability and circularity of our products, and being transparent about how we achieve this mainly through:

  • Material Choice: we choose materials carefully to minimise environmental impact while maintaining our focus on protecting plants
  • End-of-Life: all of our solutions have a defined ‘end of life’ plan to ensure that, once used, they do not cause harm to nature

For information about Tubex’s recycling scheme, please visit their website: www.tubex.com/sustainability/tree-shelter-collection-recycling-programme/