• Foliage Clips, 11mm
  • Foliage Clips, 11mm
  • Foliage Clips, 11mm

Foliage Clips, 11mm

Bag of 1,000

Material: wooden fibres pressed with pine resin - no addition of glue, synthetic binder or heavy metal
Suitable for wire gauges: 1.2mm - 2.8mm
Load capacity: 8.5kg

Lifting foliage wires ensures the shoots are neatly and securely tucked in, providing structure, support and improved canopy management. However, once the wires have been pulled taut, there can still be some slack and shoots often fall out in high winds. Biodegradable ‘C’ clips pinch the pairs of foliage wires together, helping to keep the shoots in situ.

Placed centrally between each vine, (though not adjacent to the end posts) foliage clips create sufficient tension whilst aiding vertical shoot positioning. The clips are designed to last one season and are easily cut off at pruning.

Biodegradability certified according to CE standards.