• Bezinal Vineyard Foliage Wire 2.0mm by 1000m
  • 2.0mm Foliage Wire

2.0mm Foliage Wire

+/- 1,000m
25kg roll


Bezinal® Plus
5% elongation
250kg breaking load
Tensile strength N/mm2 700/900

Other wire gauges and specifications are available on request - please get in touch.

Foliage wires are typically installed in pairs - two or three pairs are standard in the UK, though some vineyard managers prefer two pairs and a single fixed top wire. The most efficient way to secure your foliage wires to the end posts is with hangers and chains as these allow easy manoeuvrability for wire lifting and dropping.

Bekaert’s patented Bezinal® wire is specifically manufactured for the vineyard sector and extends the lifetime of your vineyard trellis system thanks to its superior quality and performance. 

The unique zinc-aluminium alloy coating of Bezinal® provides superior resistance to atmospheric corrosion and chemicals. Salt-spray tests prove that Bezinal® wire lasts 4-8 times longer than heavily galvanised wire and twice as long as standard zinc-aluminium coated wire. Moreover, its smooth, homogeneous surface prevents cracks, ensuring that corrosion protection remains optimal despite extreme twisting and bending. 

The high tensile strength of Bezinal® wire allows you to reduce the wire diameter while maintaining the same breaking load. In this way, with the same weight, Bezinal® wire provides between 40% and 120% more metres per coil than heavily galvanised wire. Furthermore, the wire's minimal elongation (4-5%) reduces the need to re-tension, saving you time and operational costs.