• 2.75m End Posts
  • 2.75m End Posts
  • 2.75m End Posts

2.75m End Posts

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For all post orders please contact us: +44 (0)1273 891777 or SALES@VINE-WORKS.COM
Delivery: All posts require a forklift/offloader on site to offload. If access is not suitable for articulated lorries, please contact us with delivery instructions.

Hadley’s UltraSTEEL® patented vineyard posts are our post of choice. These posts undergo a cold rolled process prior to the flat steel being rolled into its vine post form. The dimpled pattern created increases the surface area by 22%. This means the post comes into contact with more earth, increasing its stability in the ground. After being formed, the posts are hot-dipped in zinc galvanise. This provides an additional hard, durable protective coating and ensures any exposed edges from the manufacturing processes are also protected.

UltraSTEEL® posts offer more wire spacing options with reinforced tags strong enough to withstand the impact caused by mechanical harvesting. Our specialised ‘reverse tags’ at the bottom of each post allow for easy and tidy wire dropping. Hadley guarantee their posts are corrosion-resistant for up to 25 years.

Different lengths and powder-coated posts are available upon request and have all the same benefits as the standard UltraSTEEL® range.

Hadley Group is a world leader in advanced cold rolled steel technology with manufacturing facilities in Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, employing over 800 people worldwide. We have worked closely and built long-standing relationships with this fantastic manufacturer for over a decade.