• Gripple Apex 3 Anchors
  • Gripple Apex 3 Anchors

Gripple Apex 3 Anchors

Box of 20

Gripple Anchors are resistant to corrosion and are easy to install in a wide variety of soils. No pre-digging is required and the use of a Gripple Drive Rod for installation prevents any damage to the anchor. Designed for use with GPAK Tiebacks, Gripple Anchors create minimal ground disturbance and provide instant load holding.

Typically soils with a high sand, silt or alluvial content are best suited to an Anchor 3, whilst heavier clay soils will require the larger Anchor 4.

Always discuss this with your vineyard consultant before placing an order. 

Gripple Ltd was established in 1989 after many years of developing the innovative Gripple fastener as a solution to the farming industry’s fencing problems. In recent years, Gripple’s product range has expanded to provide other cost-effective solutions for fencing and trellising applications.

All Gripple products are galvanised, maximising strength and functionality whilst providing extra resistance against corrosion. Each individual Gripple product is designed to work perfectly with one other – creating a trellising system that can be tensioned within seconds and is durable enough to last decades. “As no bending or knotting is needed while using Gripple tensioners, the durability and longevity of your vineyard wire is optimized.”